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The scalability of your administrative processes transforms the future of your company

Harweb DBO is a suite of products that help you stay connected and optimize your uptime


The Near Future

Our objective is to promote the dynamics of our clients towards a revolutionary operating model completely “Touchless Finance” & “Contactless Payments” to minimize operational risk and increase the security and assertiveness of our users' financial flows and strategies.

For this reason, we continue to develop technology that strengthens automation in back office operations and the following functions will soon be integrated into the solution:

Near Futu


Artificial Intelligence model to verify the identity of the company's personnel and/or for candidates within a recruitment and selection process, to drastically reduce independent validation processes, as well as completely eliminate capture errors for registration of applications. high staff.

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Integration (Onboarding)

  • Digital Signature (NOM-151)

  • Identity Verification (INE, Passport, License, RFC, CURP, Address, IMSS, Background)

  • Personnel File

  • online training


Digital Signature (NOM-151)

The Onboarding process within Harweb DBO® incorporates the digital signature service in compliance with the official Mexican standard NOM-151 to integrate within the automation of the company, the administrative processes that include the formalization of documents with a legal layer.


The digital signature can use the certification model through FIEL or with the use of the digital autograph model, incorporating documents and signers to carry out the entire signature process even from mobile devices, without the need to print paper and move physical documents between the actors involved in the signature processes.


For greater security, the digital signature performs an identity verification through the artificial intelligence engine with the government databases of the Digital Identity verification process described above and generates the association of the signature with the unique tokenized ID of the collaborator, guaranteeing that both the first signature process and the subsequent ones are really generated by the responsible signatories.

Firma Digital


The general functionality for payroll management of Harweb DBO® automates processes ranging from personnel administration, payroll operation and even the generation of outputs and reports for regulatory compliance, with which it can be accessed through any device with internet access, even from mobile devices in addition to the mobile app available for Android and iOS.

  • Payroll

  • Personnel Movements

  • Payroll Movements

  • IMSS

  • Stamped CFDI


The overall functionality of the solution, in logical order of operation, includes:

Personnel movements:

Used for personnel management, operating: registrations, cancellations, promotions, raises and alimony.

Staff Incidents:

Function to capture incidents, special concepts, INFONACOT and Kardex for vacation control.


Integrated for compliance with the provisions set forth by the Mexican Social Security Institute, covering aspects such as: Affiliation Movements, Disabilities, INFONAVIT, SBC Variables (Contribution Base Salary) and PRT (Work Risk Premium).


Main engine of the solution to carry out payroll management by opening, closing and changing pay periods, as well as calculation profiles in multi-period format (weekly, biweekly, fortnightly, monthly) and multi-employer (integration of company names necessary to strengthen fiscal and corporate strategies), execution of unlimited calculations, management of special payrolls such as: closed receipts, PTU, Christmas bonus and annual adjustment, in addition to the calculation of settlements and payroll stamping of the total workforce or per employee, considering from the process from stamping to sending receipts in pdf and xml format for workers to consult.

Payroll Stamping:

The final payroll process concludes with the functionality to stamp directly from the system the entire staff or the desired selection in the active periods of the company, sending the payment vouchers in xml and pdf format via email instantly after stamping. employees, in addition to being able to access them through their payroll history within the mobile app.

Reports and inquiries:

For purposes of verification and review of the processes and information processed within the solution, there are reports and queries on personnel administration, payroll concepts, criteria for payment concepts, discounts and contributions, consultation of personnel staff, employees , payroll calculation query by employee, payroll summary by work center, general payroll summary, exempt and taxed, payroll validation, among others.

Digital treasury:

As part of the final process for the generation of the payroll accounting policy and the generation of bank dispersion files.


The solution includes various tools for loading and configuring information (business tables) for payroll processing, as well as the configuration of payroll concepts (perceptions, deductions, contributions).

The mobile App enables the deconcentration of the operation to bring the application of requests, permits, vacations, as well as access to employee payroll information to the employee level. The administrator user profile can carry the entire general payroll process on your device to know the status in real time from the opening, the application of the movements, the payroll costs of the active periods and other directly connected value elements. to the cloud solution.

Digital Treasury.png

Digital Treasury

The Digital Treasury operation through Open Banking technology and services, allows the generation of advance payment strategies for employees as well as direct banking dispersion as a contactless payment model, reducing operation times and financial management risks. .

This service automates the transfer of data to take the results of the payroll operation to the company's accounting , contemplating:

  • Treasury 

  • Accounting Policies

  • dispersions

  • Budgets

Tesorería Digital

Open Banking

We incorporated "Open Banking" services as a strategic element to share information and data securely between the business' payroll operating expenses and the banks with which the bank accounts are associated for issuing payments and transfers._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


The architecture of Harweb DBO®, through the APIs, allows us to streamline the financial operation to reduce the operational risk of our clients' treasury. The incorporation of this service has been created to provide accounting support to payroll operations, enabling the possibility of performing bank reconciliations in real time to connect operating expenses with the treasury.

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Transfers

  • Payments (National and Int.)

  • collections

Open Banking

This model has also been created to connect us with financial management tools with which we currently operate so as not to have the need to cross-check information manually and this adds value to the automation of processes, eliminating time in operations and ensuring the entire trip. of data between one solution and another.

Third Party Integration

Integración de Terceros
Corporate Management.png

Corporate Management

The Corporate Management model integrates in a single system the administration of companies and corporate names belonging to corporations to manage resources comprehensively with operational independence for each of the business units, cost centers and sources of financing, regardless of the business, category or sector. 

It concentrates the information of each unit, generating collaborative operation and translates it into valuable data to streamline the administration for making timely decisions in real time.

  • Multi-employer platform (company names)

  • Deconcentration of mobile operation

  • Automation of procedures

  • Centralization of information

Corporate Management
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