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We are volunteers Panxea & Rotary Community Building Groups

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Rotary Community Groups (RCCs) are teams that work with Rotary clubs to improve their communities. Membership in a GRFC is open to any adult in the community who shares Rotary's commitment to service but is not a member of Rotary. Each GRFC is sponsored by a Rotary club.


GRFCs are founded to help address community needs through service, whether the needs are short-term or permanent. GRFCs exist everywhere Rotary is present: in urban and rural areas, and in developed and developing countries.

Our volunteers

At Panxea, our passion for contributing to the well-being of our community is fundamental. Therefore, we are proud to share that our employees are active volunteers in the 'Por Amor a México' program, in collaboration with 'Rotary Community Corps'.

This alliance is a testament to our commitment to service and support for initiatives that positively impact our society. Through the dedication and volunteer efforts of our team, we seek to create a significant and lasting impact in the lives of those who need it most.

We feel honored to be part of this noble cause, working side by side with 'Rotary Community Corps' to promote community development and generate positive change in our beloved Mexico.

At Panxea, we not only value business success, but we are also committed to being active agents of change, promoting programs such as 'For the Love of Mexico' to build a more prosperous and supportive future for all.





We are the change

The members ofPanxea S.A. of C.V. we carry out projects in communities, in collaboration with local Rotary clubs, we leverage Rotary's network, brand and mentorship by partnering with clubs to plan and implement service projects, we increase Rotary's impact and expand its reach by providing the knowledge and talent of the local population to strengthen their community through sustainable projects.

1.- Promote sustainable solutions to the needs of the community.

2.- Support community members to address community needs, while recognizing their unique ability to identify pressing concerns and appropriate solutions.

3.- Develop alliances between Rotarians and non-Rotarians in a joint effort to strengthen the community.


They empower communities

By sponsoring GRFCs, we empower community members to take the lead in addressing their needs.

They improve the impact of your club's service

By partnering with a GRFC you will increase your club's ability to make a lasting difference. Projects are more sustainable and have greater impact when community members participate in long-term planning, implementation and monitoring.

They expand the reach of your club.

GRFCs open Rotary to a broader audience, give the club the opportunity to work with community volunteers, and help the club develop deeper relationships with the community.

They diversify participation and development of leaders.

Through GRFCs, you will be able to diversify participation in your service activities and develop new leaders in the community.

Social Commitment: Our Contribution to the Community

We believe in making a real difference beyond our business operations. Our commitment to the community is an integral part of our philosophy. We are proud of the social work we do and the positive impact we generate thanks to the active participation of our volunteers.



The Bishnupur Rotary Community Group in West Bengal, India, worked with their sponsoring Rotary club to build a new road to replace a road to their village that became impassable during the monsoon season.


The Rotary Club of Bursa-Uludag, Turkey established a strong relationship with community members by sponsoring the Aksu Village Rotary Community Building Group. She mentored members of the all-female GRFC, which not only helped them grow their small businesses and increase their income, but also increased their confidence and involvement in the community.


The Plano Douglass Community Rotary Community Group in Texas (USA) was founded with the idea of combating social injustice and promoting equality, equity and inclusion within the community. Their projects include a school supplies drive and delivering meals from a food bank to local families in need.

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