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Take control of your business.

Transform personnel administration to a digital model.


The power of our calculation engine processes your payroll in  less than 2 minutes for every 10 thousand workers.

+ than 20 thousand transactions per minute

what makes us different

The technological and creative architecture with which we seek to make your work much easier.

Our calculation engine has been created with the capacity to adopt any type of payment or discount scheme, without the need for technical intervention or code alteration. You own your process and the operational and fiscal strategies that will allow you to establish the best model for your business.

Harweb DBO® integrates personnel administration, calculation and generation of outputs and reports for regulatory compliance, all in one solution:

  • Personnel movements

  • incidents and assistance

  • perceptions 

  • deductions

  • contributions

  • employer worker quotas

  • reports and queries

  • payroll stamp

  • Accounting policies

  • and more.


Our platform provides a solution

Multi Country / Multi Currency / Multi Employer

Image by Jason Goodman
Image by Jason Goodman

The Harweb DBO® mobile App has various integrated services for collaborators in real time, such as:

  • Payroll; real-time calculation and access to payment history.

  • Payroll Receipts; proof of payment stamped CDFI.

  • Assist Control; QR access and AI engine for:

    • Georeferenced attendance record.

    • Automatic qualification of shifts, days and guards.

  • Requests; permits, vacations and disabilities. 

  • Kardex; Incident scheduling.

  • Employee profile; personal, labor and banking data.

  • Medical profile; health information.

Digital Identity

Validation of personal information with legal authorities

wDigital ID is our Artificial Intelligence model to verify the identity of company personnel, which drastically reduces independent validation processes such as "socioeconomic studies".

  • Face Verification: Liveness ID (video Vs photo identification).


  • Identity Verification: (INE, Passport, License: identifies folios, records, validity, passwords and other elements within the official identification).

  • Verification data:

    • SAT (RFC)

    • INE (Nominal List)


    • Proof of Address (Georeferenced Registration)

    • Social Security (IMSS)

    • Criminal record

    • Email

    • Phone number

biometric-face-scan-human-identification-face-recognition-digital-security (1).jpg
Image by Mahdi Bafande
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