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+20 thousand transactions per minute
Payroll Management & backoffice

Discover the freedom and flexibility of our AI-based digital assistant to fuel your growth.

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How do we help your business?

It automates the administrative core of the operation of corporations that seek to replace systems and eliminate auxiliaries used for the personnel and payroll administration process, under a "SaaS" pay-per-use scheme as a digital transformation platform to carry out "Back Office" operations. to a paperless model (NOM-151) , permanently guaranteeing information security through an audit model based on Blockchain , which allows the company's efforts to be directed towards increasing productivity and business profitability .

This is achieved through our specialized modules

Optimize the personnel incorporation processes in your business with our advanced tokenized Digital Identity technology. With real-time data verification through government agencies and the addition of a digital legal layer through digital signature (NOM-151), you will have total and secure control over the contra process.tation.

Integration (Onboarding) | Digital Signature (NOM-151) | Identity Verification (INE, Passport, License, RFC, CURP, Address, IMSS, Background) | Personnel File | Training on-line

Increase the competitiveness and profitability of your business.

We create a digital transformation model with the purpose of converting the core area of administration into the operational core , connecting its processes with operational and service areas, such as: Accounting, Collection, Human Resources, Customer Service, Sales, among others.

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Technology Partners


Security and transparency for your business

Feel secure in your business by controlling financial risks by having a digital solution that automates and simplifies the resolution of "back office" problems , guaranteeing security and transparency from the process of hiring personnel to the dispersion of the payroll.

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Innovation and transparency



Facilitate access to and use of your information to improve performance , while  We guarantee the security of the data and the operations of the “Back Office” .


We simplify day-to-day operations with the help of our Artificial Intelligence digital assistant “SofIA”.

Cloud Computing

We automate and connect data and  operation between the areas by solving  in the cloud and mobile application.

Custom connections

We interconnect our solution with financial systems (API).


We control the risk in the alteration of information and misuse of resources with the Blockchain Audit model.


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We are moved by Social Inclusion and we seek to make it our organizational culture.

We are proudly, a Mexican company made up of people with incredible talent; without discrimination based on race, culture, sex, social position, geographic location, age, education, physical condition, sexual preference, religion, or for any other reason.

We invite you to be part of the culture of inclusion and collaborate to build a better country.

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